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Who are we? is an introducer of EU Regulation 261/2004. We are here with the sole purpose of helping passengers claim disrupted flight compensation from the airlines.

Our main priority is to ensure that our clients receive a fast, friendly and professional service in their pursuit of a claim against an airline for disrupted flight compensation.


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How does it work?

Was your flight disrupted? If so, there’s a good chance you are entitled to compensation for the inconvenience you suffered. Airlines often don’t listen to their passengers, but over the years we’ve made them  listen to us and that’s why we can help you. We work on a no win, no fee basis and bear all of the risks you would otherwise be responsible for: if we aren’t successful, you pay nothing. When we are successful, we receive a commission fee from you. We only collect our fee after  your compensation is paid out.

Your rights as a passenger have been set out in the European Flight Delay Compensation Regulation 261/2004. This document tells you exactly what your rights are in case of flight delay to and from Europe. For instance, for every flight delay of more than two hours, you are at least entitled to food and drinks at the cost of the airline, and if necessary also hotel accommodation. If your flight is delayed over three hours, you are also entitled to compensation. 

In cases of force majeure, the airline is not required by law to pay compensation. This is what we call ‘Extraordinary Circumstances’, such as poor weather, political unrest or strikes by air traffic control employees.

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Disrupted Flight Compensation
Disrupted Flight Compensation

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Disrupted Flight Compensation

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Disrupted Flight Compensation
Disrupted Flight Compensation

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